About Us

Label Luxe Boutique Ltd, based in the UK, specialises in the online sale of authentic luxury goods in the secondary market and is one of the most trusted dealers worldwide. We are primarily focused on sourcing and reselling Hermès handbags, which are, without exaggeration, the most coveted and sought-after handbags in the world today. Millions of women around the world dream of their first Hermès bag, and after buying it, there is often a desire to create a collection, since there are never too many Hermès bags in the wardrobe. Our experienced team of experts finds and purchases exclusively authentic items in the secondary market to offer our customers. Label Luxe's trusted partners and customers include Hermès handbag collectors, celebrities, socialites, stylists, concierge services and online consignment stores around the world. We always have in stock a large number of fresh from the store, never worn, and like new Hermès bags, the most sought-after models, and our collection is constantly updated. We are also always happy to offer you rare new and vintage items, jewellery and accessories from Hermès and other luxury brands. Our top priority in our work is speed and efficiency. We ship to our customers within 48 hours of receipt of payment on business days, and our support team is available to answer your queries 24/7. Only in the case of consignment items and special orders, processing may take longer, as we do not have these items in stock. The expected delivery time, depending on the rarity and exclusivity of the order, can be from 1 week to 6 weeks, but you can be sure that you will receive exactly what you were looking for.

Selling & Consignment

We are constantly looking for new partners and suppliers to increase our collection. Usually, when working with our counterparties, we prefer to offer them a direct purchase, which will quickly turn luxury items into cash. Our payment methods are among the fastest and most flexible in the industry. We can offer any payment methods, including cryptocurrency and cash payment, at the discretion of the seller. While we try to offer direct purchase as often as possible, there are items we prefer to take on consignment. Consignment is also suitable for those suppliers who would like to try to get the maximum price for their luxury item. Our method of selling consigned items is also one of the best in the industry in terms of price and sale time.

Top-Level Concierge Service & Support

Label Luxe is not just an online store selling luxury goods. We are for our clients a guide in the world of luxury, a consultant and a top-level concierge all rolled into one. Our experienced professionals are always ready to satisfy your most sophisticated requests. If we don't have the item you need in stock, our team of concierges and personal shopping assistants will do their best to find it. Any information and photos of goods on our website always correspond to the real things for sale. If you need more information about the item you are interested in, our customer service is at your service 24/7 to answer your questions, provide you with additional photos and videos.

Luxury Collections Consultant

Our team consists of experts with over 15 years of experience in finding and collecting luxury bags and watches for private collections. This gives us a deep knowledge of the luxury market, the ability to identify authentic items and detect counterfeits. We have an extensive network of reliable and trusted dealers and collectors around the world with whom we cooperate, which allows us to find and purchase for you any, even the rarest item. Whether you're looking to build a Hermès handbag collection from scratch or expand your collection, you can use the services of our Luxury Collections Consultant, who has helped create Hermès collections for many famous personalities. Our consultant will help you analyse your existing collection and tell you what iconic Hermès bags you need to make your collection a real gem.

Authenticity Guaranteed

While Label Luxe Boutique is not an affiliate or licensed boutique of the brands it sells, we guarantee that all of our products are 100% authentic and in the condition as pictured and described. Our experts with many years of experience have dedicated themselves to studying the labelling and quality standards of products produced by luxury brands. Generally, all items we offer come from our network of trusted sources and can be traced back to the boutique or store where they were originally purchased. We require from our suppliers that the items be in the original packaging and with the necessary accompanying documents (original invoice from the boutique, etc.). If our experts have the slightest doubt about the authenticity of an item, we engage reputable third-party authenticators who have established themselves as respected experts due to their knowledge in the field of authentication, each specific brand. In the event that any of our trusted third-party authenticators find that the product you have purchased is not authentic, we will refund 100% of the original price.