100% Authenticity Guaranteed

Label Luxe is considered to be one of the most reliable dealers in the luxury secondary market. Guaranteeing the authenticity of all items in our collection is a top priority for us. Many years of experience and qualifications of our specialists give us confidence that all our Hermès bags, as well as bags of other luxury brands, are guaranteed to be authentic. The same applies to all other types of products that you can find in our catalog.

We are the recognised authentication experts for the brands we sell. Our specialists have been studying the labelling and quality standards of products manufactured by luxury brands for many years. As a general rule, all items we offer come from our network of trusted sources and can be traced back to the boutique or store where they were originally purchased. We require from our suppliers that the goods be in the original packaging and with the necessary accompanying documents (original invoice from the boutique, etc.).

All of our partners and customers know our commitment to exceptionally authentic products. Buying a product from Label Luxe is a 100% guarantee that you have purchased an authentic item.


Authentication Process & Condition Report

All items in our collection are carefully checked for authenticity and classified by our experts to the highest standards in the industry:

Brand New

Off-the-shelf condition. Never worn with no defects or alterations, in original packaging. All protective seals are intact.


Impeccable condition, but not up to our off-the-shelf standard (i.e. it may be lacking protective seals etc).

Pristine Condition

Lightly used and extremely well maintained with almost no signs of use. Minimal traces of use can only be detected with very careful examination.

Excellent Condition

Lightly used and extremely well maintained with almost no signs of use. Minimal traces of use may be barely visible.

Very Good Condition

Lightly used item. Well maintained but with some signs of use. May have very minor surface scratches.

Good Condition

Lightly used with some visible marks and scratches.

Fair Condition

Pre-loved item with some scratches, marks and signs of frequent use.


Well-loved item with visible signs of wear and tear.


Whenever we have the slightest doubt about the authenticity of an item, we turn to the best third-party authenticators in the industry that we partner with for additional authentication. Label Luxe works only with qualified authenticators who have established themselves as reputable experts due to their knowledge in the field of authenticating each specific brand.

If you would like your item to be authenticated, feel free to email us at