Payment Methods

What Types of Payment Do We Accept

Bank Wire Transfer

We accept local and international  bank transfers. Please email us or DM to request our banking details and make a bank transfer.

All Types of Credit Cards & PayPal

To make a purchase on the website just choose a product / products you like to buy and follow the steps to fill in your payment and shipping information. Please note that we do not take credit cards on purchases in excess of $50,000 without prior approval.

Payment with Stablecoins and Cryptocurrencies

We accept payments in all major stablecoins and cryptocurrencies. Please email us or DM to request our cryptocurrency wallet address and the exact amount to pay in the cryptocurrency you prefer.


For orders over $100,000 we require you to contact us in advance to arrange payment.

To purchase an item via our Instagram, you can contact us in DM messages for payment details and send your shipping contact details.

We reserve the right to decline any purchase until payment is received by us.