Our Mission

Our Mission

We see our mission first and foremost in providing any woman in the world with access to the most sought-after Hermès handbags that are not available in the brand's official boutique. Label Luxe was created with a deep conviction that everyone should be able to purchase the brand's luxury bag, which is often out of reach for all but very privileged customers.

Our mission is also to offer our customers investment grade items that maintain and increase their value over time. Classic bags from Hermès and some other brands are timeless pieces that can be passed on to the next generation or always sold at an attractive price in the vast and dynamic luxury resale market.


Our Values

Our customers who trust Label Luxe and rely on our knowledge and experience are our main value. Label Luxe is not just an elite online store. We do our best to be a guide to the world of luxury for our clients, a consultant and a top-level concierge all rolled into one. From the uninitiated to collectors, we are able to communicate with any of our clients at the appropriate level of knowledge and give the necessary advice.

By acting primarily as consultants, not just salespeople, we build loyal and trusting relationships with our clients that result in a high level of satisfaction with our work. The realisation that we have the opportunity to satisfy your most sophisticated requests is very valuable for us and brings us sincere joy.


Our Culture

The culture of relations with our clients is one of the main components of our business. As an online luxury store, we know how important it is to have accurate and detailed descriptions and photographs of the items in our collection. We are always confident and guarantee that you will receive exactly the item that you have chosen from our catalog.

We sincerely believe that a top priority in the luxury business culture is to guarantee the authenticity of all products offered, as well as prompt feedback from our customers. Label Luxe customer support is ready to answer your questions 24/7 as we believe we should be available to our customers at any time.